Welcome to the Corset Rouge Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) page.  If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please email us at info@corsetrouge.com   Thanks!

What size should I order?  We recommend that you order a corset that is four inches (10cm) smaller than your natural waist size.  For example, if you have a 28 inch (70cm) waist, you should order a 24 inch (60cm) corset.  If you are an experienced corset wearer looking for greater reduction, order a corset that is four inches (10cm) to six inches (15 cm) smaller than your natural waist measurement.  If in doubt, please email us.

Are your corsets suitable for tight lacing?  Yes, however, if you are considering tight lacing, we would recommend a made to measure corset regardless of where you purchase it from.  Please email us at custom@corsetrouge.com for more information.

I am uncertain about the colour of the fabric.  Will you send me a sample?  Yes, of course.  Just email us and we will be happy to help you.

Where can I see the fabric?  If you click on any corset, you will notice that just underneath the photo, there is a box that says 'fabric' and a button that says 'choose'.  If you click on that button, it will bring up all the fabric swatches that are available for that particular corset.

How do I know the ribbon colours of the eyelet detail corset and front lacing corset will match?  We colour match the ribbons dependant on the fabric you choose.  For example, if you order a dark blue dragon brocade front lacing corset and you would like blue ribbon, we will ensure the blue ribbon matches the fabric.

How many layers are your corsets?  Our corsets are comprised of three layers - the top fabric, a fused interfacing and the lining.

How many bones are in your corsets?  That depends entirely on the size of the corset - bigger corsets are more heavily boned.  The number of bones can range from 28 to 60 per corset.

What bust size are your over bust corsets suitable for?  Our over bust corsets will fit between a B and a D/E cup.  If you fall outside that range, please see our Custom page for more details.

How long will my order take?  If we do not have your exact order in stock, it will take five to nine weeks.  For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Do you have other fabrics or leather colours other than what is listed on the site?  Yes! Please email us for availability.

Can I supply my own fabric?  Maybe.  It depends on the fabric.  If you have something in particular that you would like your corset made out of, please email us and arrange to send us a sample.

Do you do personal fittings?  Yes, absolutely.  Please email us for more details.

What if I need my corset right away?  We offer a rush service.  Please see the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

I am planning on losing weight.  Should I order a smaller corset?  That is entirely up to you, but we recommend ordering the correct size at all times.  If you do not lose the weight, we will not refund you.  For more information on, please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Will a corset permanently change my shape or help me lose weight?  As soon as you remove the corset, your body will return to its normal shape.  In addition, a corset will not help you lose weight.

Do your corsets have modesty panels?  Modesty panels come as standard with all our corsets.

What if I want garters on my corset?  Garters are no problem at all!  Please email us prior to ordering.

Are corsets comfortable to wear? Yes, they are.  A well-fitted corset should feel snug all over and will not pinch or cause any discomfort.

Will my corset stretch?  No! A corset will gently mold to your figure over time, but they do not stretch.

How do I put my corset on?  We include lacing diagrams and instructions with all our corsets.

How do I clean my corset?  If your corset is not dirty, lay it flat with the lining-side facing up on a towel and allow it to air.  If it requires cleaning, we recommend having it professionally dry-cleaned.

How should I store my corset?  Store your corset in a dry place, either folded or rolled.